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Téléchargez le livre :  The Experiment

The Experiment

Paul Preston
Pink Flamingo Publications
Format : ePub sans DRM

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It’s 2087. When Emily Williams, a good-hearted and attractive woman, is told to report to the CEO’s office for her exit interview, rather than fire her, Mr. Miller, CEO of a tech firm specializing in artificial intelligence, offers Emily a job as his personal secretary. Oddly, she’s been having indecent sexual thoughts about the CEO. Now, suddenly, her sexual fantasies are becoming a reality! With the aid of an Obedience Serum, Emily becomes Mr. Miller’s mistress and a sexual plaything for the company. She’s renamed Pretty Tits, and engages in repeated oral, anal and vaginal sex, while subdued by a training collar and trapped within the offices of DMI. She’s soon the most technologically advanced trans-human sex bot on the market, with her sexual favors freely given for the paying guests of The Experiment, an Adult Entertainment Resort. As her awareness grows, Emily develops human feelings for two human staff members, Mr. V, the domineering Head of Security and Dr. Richard Levinson, the shy and sensitive Chief Technology Officer. But when an experiment goes awry, Emily feels betrayed by the man she loves and makes plans for her escape.

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