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Télécharger le livre :  Building Better PowerShell Code

Building Better PowerShell Code

Adam Bertram
Learn to write better PowerShell code via short, example-driven tips. This book covers tips to make your PowerShell scripts faster and easier to read all while following proven best practices. Written by a six-time Microsoft MVP and one of the first Microsoft...

Télécharger le livre :  Pro iOS Testing

Pro iOS Testing

Avi Tsadok
Discover what tools there are for unit testing in iOS, and how to work in a test-driven environment. This book reveals how testing is a crucial capability in any iOS developer’s toolset, and a minimum requirement in iOS interviews.A few years ago,...

Télécharger le livre :  SQL Server Data Automation Through Frameworks

SQL Server Data Automation Through Frameworks

Andy Leonard , Kent Bradshaw
Learn to automate SQL Server operations using frameworks built from metadata-driven stored procedures and SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). Bring all the power of Transact-SQL (T-SQL) and Microsoft .NET to bear on your repetitive data, data integration, and...

Télécharger le livre :  Beginning R 4

Beginning R 4

Matt Wiley , Joshua F. Wiley
Learn how to use R 4, write and save R scripts, read in and write out data files, use built-in functions, and understand common statistical methods. This in-depth tutorial includes key R 4 features including a new color palette for charts, an enhanced reference...

Télécharger le livre :  Creating Game Environments in Blender 3D

Creating Game Environments in Blender 3D

Ezra Thess Mendoza Guevarra
Discover how to create a simple game environment in Blender 3D, from modeling and texturing game assets, to placing them in a scene.  You’ll export and import game assets as well as look at open-source game engines that will work with your game...

Télécharger le livre :  AI and UX

AI and UX

Gavin Lew , Robert M. Schumacher Jr.
Shine a light on how user experience (UX) will play a significant role in adoption of AI technologies across industries. This book explores how AI must be developed within a UX framework. The authors start by asking the question “how do we make AI smarter?”...

Télécharger le livre :  Learn Blockchain by Building One

Learn Blockchain by Building One

Daniel Van Flymen
As cryptocurrencies and their underlying data structure, blockchains, become further intertwined in our daily lives, a full understanding of them is essential to anyone who wants to keep up and remain informed of the future of finance. There is no better learning...

Télécharger le livre :  The Common Lisp Condition System

The Common Lisp Condition System

Michal "Phoe" Herda
Discover the functioning and example uses of the Common Lisp condition system. This book supplements already existing material for studying Common Lisp as a language by providing detailed information about the Lisp condition system and its control flow mechanisms; it...

Télécharger le livre :  Linux Containers and Virtualization

Linux Containers and Virtualization

Shashank Mohan Jain
Get a novel perspective on Linux containers and understand the world of virtualization. This book takes you down the rabbit hole to discover what lies below the API. You’ll go on a journey of virtualization and see how containers are realized in the Linux world....

Télécharger le livre :  Oracle Database Transactions and Locking Revealed

Oracle Database Transactions and Locking Revealed

Darl Kuhn , Thomas Kyte
Access much-needed information for building scalable, high-concurrency applications and deploying them against the Oracle Database. This new edition is updated to be current with Oracle Database 19. It includes a new chapter with troubleshooting recipes to...